Partnership in Support & Enhancing Value to Clients

Long-term business partnerships are a vital component of WPH's strategy to establish new avenues for delivering and implementing solutions.

The field of internet business is fast relying on talents from many disciplines, including those of telecommunications, security, software development, systems integration, relationship marketing, amongst others. To meet the demands of today's online strategies, we believe it's important to offer our clients flexibility in terms of technology and services used on all projects. This network of partners, in conjunction with our functional and technical expertise, helps us deliver cost-effective, industry-leading solutions that address business needs and achieve high-value results for our clients.

Here are some of the top names in the industry who worked with.


Global Enterprise Technology and Solution Partners

We partner with industry leaders in software, hardware and other technology solutions providers for greater breadth and depth of services, enrich our own capabilities, and add value to the strategies we develop for our clients.

Our established strategic relationships with the variety of broad enterprise technologies help ensure we’re able to continue to offer best-in-class technical solutions.

Microsoft Partners Singapore Partnership with Oracle

Leading Professional Organizations and Local Associations

We are proud to work alongside with a strong base of both marketing and technical partnerships with a variety of other professional organizations that specialize in areas of value to our clients.

Singapore Business Federation

Working together, we have extended the capabilities that we can offer our clients, both from a technical perspective and in marketing and advertising efforts. In an industry that evolves on a daily basis, these partnerships are crucial to the effective support of all our clients' needs. Many of these partners have been key to WPH's success and longevity.

We are open to exploring new relationships and collaborating with partners that provide best-of-breed technologies and expertise that complements and strengthens our own.